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About Us

The team at Perform Pure is made up of dedicated individuals who all have their own special talents and education that are driven to offer the best and most pure nutritional supplements so people can unlock and real their potential. Perform Pure is more than a supplement company. It is a way of life that strives to allow the body to perform at its highest and share these amazing results with everyone who cares about living healthy.

Bryan Thomas – Masters in Exercise and Sports Science

Bryan has been supporting people in over coming their metabolic challenges to reaching their weight loss and performance goals for over 15 years. You may have seen him in one of his many metabolism seminars that break down how the body loses weight into simple factors that people can understand and achieve. Bryan has spent his entire professional life in understanding how the metabolism works in the real world. He knows that the key to achieving results starts with pure nutrition.

Heather Michelle – Masters in Sports Medicine

Heather has spent the last decade working with professional athletes including NFL players to overcome and rebuild athletic injuries. Heather is relentless in offering her athletes the best nutrition as that is the only way you can get back on the field. She understands that with proper pure nutrition and food many of the injuries can be prevented so people feel better and live healthier.

Al Alexander – Competitive Bodybuilding Champion

Al has competed at the highest levels of natural bodybuilding. As a former champion he understands that it is with dedication and the proper nutrition that is need to achieve maximum results. Al has only allowed the best and most pure ingredients into his body and is driven to offer these same values to developing the products of Perform Pure. He knows that people can be amazed at the results they can achieve when science meets nature in pure whole food ingredients.

Labs of Perform Pure

Perform Pure works with the best in food nutrition scientists to take the values and knowledge of Perform Pure into the purest whole food forms of nutritional supplements that are extracted and manufactured with the highest standards. Perform Pure knows that only through offering the best ingredients can people achieve their goals that they are working so hard for.