Science Meets Nature

To achieve maximum potential from our bodies we believe at Perform Pure that we need to deliver the most pure food nutrition in a nutritional supplement.  Where Science meets Nature, Perform Pure utilizes the most leading edge technologies to take the ingredients from naturally grown to harvest to production in the most pure form possible.

The most pure form possible is the goal of every Perform Pure product.  The body is made to run on pure nutrition from nature.  With today’s lifestyles and demands it has become hard to fuel the body on a daily basis with the essential nutrients to function optimally.  By providing natural herbs with high tech science we are able to offer the best pure food nutritional supplements to allow the body to perform at its highest levels.

This is evident in our Pure Antlers product.  Deer antler velvet is one of the most nutrient dense compounds on earth.  It is as one specific point of the growing cycle of deer antlers where the pure nutrition is present in deer antler velvet.  Through the latest in science we are able to harvest without harming the deer the velvet at that moment securing the nutrients then transporting through the entire process till it reaches you with Pure Antlers.  Pure Antlers is a 100% natural and unaltered product for deer antler velvet.

The science doesn’t stop there.  Growth hormone is a 191 chain of amino acids.  One of the key benefits of deer antler velvet is the presence of IGF-1 which is a growth factor for human growth hormone.  Through research we know that deer antler velvet has some of these amino acids present.  In Pure Antlers we combine the deer antler velvet with key amino acids that are needed for optimal production of growth hormone like L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and L-Valine.

Perform Pure looks at how all the ingredients work together in the body to achieve results.  That is why with the addition of the right amino acids to Pure Antlers the end result is one of the most natural and most effective deer antler products available.

Perform Pure takes this same care to all of their products.  By understanding how the body works we are able to find the right blend of nutritional herbal ingredients.  Then are team works vigorously to produce and harvest these ingredients with the goal of attaining them at their most pure whole food form.

When some companies say pure they put just the core ingredient into their products.  Though this may sound good in theory it often lacks the physiological science behind how the body works as food doesn’t work alone.  In every meal to every protein or vegetable there are a host of many nutrients and phytochemicals that all work together to achieve the end result.  The goal of Perform Pure is to deliver the most pure natural form of a nutritional supplement that can work within the body.  That is where science meets nature.