Pure Ephedra 100

Most Powerful Ephedra Diet Pill on the Market with 100mg of Real Ephedra

Your Body Performs Best with the Purest Supplement Nutrition

pure ephedra 100

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Pure Ephedra 100 offers a complete weight loss system in one with appetite control, metabolic boosting, and increased mood.  At Perform Pure, we understand that the key to unlocking weight loss success is delivering the purest form of herbal fat burning ingredients that have been used for centuries.  The only 100mg ephedra product that includes Synephrine, Green Tea Extract, Yohimbe, and more.

Pure Ephedra 100 the Performance Fat Burner with a proprietary blend of the best weight loss and fat burning ingredients.  The scientists at Perform Pure have worked tirelessly to develop the best formula of ingredients in their purest forms that work synergistic together to increase their effects.

  1. Increase metabolic functioning for greater calorie burning

  2. Greater energy you can feel working right away

  3. Take back control over your appetite

  4. More focus and clarity

  5. Pure Ingredients for Pure Results

Directions: Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes prior
to exercise.

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Pure Ephedra 100 comes in 20ct and 60ct bottles

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