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Purest Form of Deer Antler Velvet in a Nutritional Supplement

Deer Antler is one of the most nutrient dense compounds loaded with IGF-1

pure antlers

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Pure Antlers offers one of the purest forms of deer antler velvet designed to deliver the most nutrients of any deer antler velvet supplement.  At the moment of extract, deer antler has one of the highest concentrations of IGF-1 a insulin growth factor for Human Growth Hormone.  The ability to replenish growth hormone within the body maybe the biggest key to unlock the body’s ability to rebuild muscle tissue, improve skin, healthier hair, and recover from all that life takes out of each and everyone of us.

What makes Pure Antlers the best is the combination of 100% natural unaltered deer antler velvet with potent amino acids essential in growth hormone production.  Growth hormone is a 191 chain of amino acids and the bioavailablity of L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and L-Valine make Pure Antlers a premium deer antler velvet supplement designed to truly work.

  1. Perform greater with increases in strength and endurance

  2. Recover faster for greater sports performance and healthy living

  3. Over thousands of years of real world results

  4. 100% Natural Whole Food Nutrition

Directions: Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule before bed.

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